I have been working with Harrisburg Printing for well over a decade. As a creative artist, it is extremely important to have a strong relationship with a printer. Harrisburg Printing takes the time to understand each of my projects and will often suggest alternatives that may result in a more professional printed product and/or cut costs where possible. They provide competitive pricing, quality work, outstanding turnaround and superior customer service. They continually go the extra mile to ensure that my projects are completed on time and on budget. I give them my highest

Patrice Johnson
Principal, Virtual Illustrations

It was a pleasure working with Harrisburg Printing. They were not only very friendly (we had a lot of fun chatting about life’s pleasantries), but were uncompromising on quality. They made the printing of my book, Tell Me Why I Am Who I Am a pleasure. I recommend them to anyone looking with a friendly company.

Dr. Charles Hutchison


“Whether it’s designing or printing our collateral materials, Chris and the team at Harrisburg Printing provide a one-stop solution for our NASCAR team. In a business that is measured on speed and performance, Harrisburg Printing delivers every time -- on time and on budget.” Hillman Racing

We have been working with Harrisburg Printing for almost ten years now. Like our business, they are family-owned, and have a special attention for details. From start to finish, designing to finished product….Harrisburg Printing is the place for our printing. We are accustomed to fast things, and fast service is exactly what we get here!

Kim Hall
Wood Brothers Racing

As a novice editor for the yearly Callaway Family Journal, I was very fortunate in locating Harrisburg Printing and especially Chris Almond as our Editor/Printer/Publisher. They were able to introduce me into the world of publishing in quick time as I had almost no previous experience in this field and a tight schedule.

We took a well structured black an white family journal with blue line construction and slowly evolved it into a state of the art color computerized publication.

Chris has given me ideas to enhance my articles and display them in ways I had never imagined.

I have enjoyed working with him for 9 years. I have presented him a series of articles, charts, and tables each year and he has taken this and put it into our fantastic Journals and had them mailed them literally over the world.


Russell Callaway
Callaway Family Association
Journal Editor (2005-2014)